UiPath Document Understanding

UiPath Document Understanding

Configure Prelabelling

If you already have a model which can extract some of the fields that need labeling, and there are only a few extra fields that require manual labeling, you can save a lot of time by using Data Manager’s Prelabelling feature. You can configure Prelabelling from the Settings -> Prelabelling view accessible through the button at the top right of the screen. Prelabelling requires the ML model has a URL. Here are the possible URLs you can use:

ML Skills in AI Center Cloud cannot be used for prelabelling in Data Manager because they are not exposed as URLs.

Also, ML Skills in AI Fabric on-premises deployed in airgapped environments cannot be used for prelabelling.



If you are running the Prelabelling model on the same machine as Data Manager, then do not use localhost to refer to the local machine, but rather use the IP address or Domain Name of the local machine.
In the case of URLs of Public ML Skills in AI Center on-premises, use the URL as it appears in the AI Center ML Skill details screen.

After activating Prelabelling, a Predict button will appear on the top bar in Data Manager. Click it in order to prelabel the current document.

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Configure Prelabelling

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