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To better understand how the File Picker control works, check out the Including File Control in Apps pages in the How To section.

  • Value Binding - Bind the file picker to either an RPA Process argument or to an App field. This property gets resolved dynamically during runtime.
  • Max file size - The maximum size allowed for the uploaded file. The recommended maximum file size is 10 MB.
  • Allowed file types - The file types allowed for the uploaded file. Use "," to separate items. For example, if you write .jpg, .png, .svg, only these file types are allowed to be uploaded.
  • Helper Text- Configure the help text for the control which shows in the runtime.
  • Tooltip - Tooltip to be displayed on the file picker. Use this to provide additional information on the control.
  • Hidden - If selected, hides the control in the runtime.
  • Disabled - If selected, disables the control in the runtime.
  • Download Only - If selected, it only allows the user to download the file in runtime.

Note: The File Picker control can upload only one file at a time.


  • File added - Configure what happens when a file is added.
  • File removed - Configure what happens when a file is removed.


  • Control Alignment - By default, inherits the parent alignment. A different alignment other than the parent can be set. To default to Parent's alignment, toggle the selected alignment icons to switch off the specific alignment. Note: Alignment is dependent on Parent's layout (Vertical vs. Horizontal).
  • Font - Sets the font of the control. Font family, size, color, and style ( Bold, Italic and Underline) can be configured in this section. By default, the control inherits the font family of its immediate parent container which is indicated by the keyword 'inherited'.
  • Margin - Sets the margin of the control. By default 4px margin is set. Top/Bottom and Left/Right margin properties are combined. These properties can be unlinked using the unlink button on the right side of the Margin section heading.
  • Size - The width and height of the control can be set in the size section. By default, the size is set to Auto. Min Width/ Min Height and Max Width/ Max Height are available under more (...) in the size section.

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File Picker

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