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Document Class

Namespace: UiPath.DocumentProcessing.Contracts.Dom
Assembly: UiPath.DocumentProcessing.Contracts


A public class that represents a digitized document.



  • Document() - Initializes a new instance of the Document class with no arguments.


  • Deserialize(string) serializedDOM - A static method that returns a new instance of the Document class containing the information serialized in the input string.
  • Serialize() string - Returns a string with the serialized contents of the Document object.


  • ContentType string - The content type of the file. The supported values are: application/pdf, image/png, image/jpeg, image/tiff, image/bmp, image/gif, text/plain, application/json.
  • DocumentID string - The name of the document file.
  • Length int - The text length of the file, expressed as an integer.
  • Pages UiPath.DocumentProcessing.Contracts.Dom.Page - The list of pages in the document file.

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Document Class

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