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Orchestrator User Guide
Last updated 2024年5月20日

Non-Working Days Tab

Define a list of non-business days, per tenant, on which you can restrict triggers from running. This means that, during public holidays, weekends, or any other day on which normal business activities are not being carried out, your long-run schedules can be configured such that they don't trigger. Once the defined non-business days are over, the triggers launch as usual.

In order to apply these restrictions to your triggers, you need to select the non-working day calendar when configuring triggers. All changes you make on the Non-Working Days tab affect all triggers that use that calendar.

Note: Non-working day restrictions are disabled for triggers on a timezone different than the timezone set at tenant level (Settings > General). A tenant without an explicitly defined timezone inherits it from the host.

For more details on how to manage non-working days, click here.

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