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Orchestrator User Guide
Last updated 2024年5月20日

Unattended Sessions

This section offers an overview of all unattended sessions and related information.

Column Name



The name of the host machine.


The machine template used to connect the corresponding host machine to Orchestrator.


The number of runtimes associated with a machine template. Each host machine connected using that machine template secures this number of licenses from the tenant's pool of licenses.

In Use

The number of runtimes currently being consumed out of the number of runtimes secured on that host machine. A runtime is consumed during job execution.

Runtime type

The type of license.

Service username

The identity under which unattended jobs are executed. For service accounts, this is empty.


The connection status of each host machine.

Last Heartbeat

Time elapsed since the last heartbeat. Hover over this field to see the exact time of the last heartbeat.


The version of the robot connected to the machine.


Indicates if the corresponding unattended session has a troubleshooting session enabled.


Allows you to take the machine offline in order to perform maintenance on it.

By default, this toggle is disabled.

Once enabled, a confirmation window is displayed, asking you if you would like to:

  • Wait for running jobs to finish on their own (this is the default option).

  • Kill all running jobs now.

Clicking Confirm enables the maintenance mode, while Cancel revokes the request to enter maintenance mode.

Pending jobs keep their status while they await to be picked up by another available machine or by the same machine, once it is back online.

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