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Orchestrator User Guide
Last updated 2024年5月20日

About Libraries

A library describes a system of activities with a well-contoured business function, making them suitable for sharing and reusability. You can find a more detailed approach on the subject on the About Libraries page in the UiPath Studio guide.

Orchestrator allows you to manage libraries centrally from the Libraries page (Tenant > Packages > Libraries tab). Depending on your setup, libraries here are shared across tenants and can be used by any user with the right permissions.

From the Libraries page, you can view and delete all the libraries that had been published from UiPath Studio, as well as those that were uploaded manually. There you can see the version of each package and release notes for each version if any (should be added in Studio to better keep track of changes between versions).

Library Feeds

Feeds are package streams that allow you to store and group packages in order to control their availability and isolation.


Using v3 NuGet feed URLs results in a couple of display issues with packages.

  • The publish date of a package is not correct.
  • For MyGet feeds, the total number of packages is much greater than the actual number of packages uploaded to the feed.

Tenant feed

Libraries are isolated at the tenant level, meaning that the data is separated between tenants. You can upload libraries from Studio or manually to the chosen feed, but they will not be shared across tenants.

Feed settings and security can be configured from the tenant settings > Deployment tab, either at the tenant level or from the Orchestrator host portal. Settings here only affect tenant feeds; folder feeds and personal workspace feeds are always internal and available in the context of the respective folder or personal workspace alone.

Host feed

The host feed contains all official UiPath libraries which are available across tenants. You cannot upload libraries to this feed.

Custom feed

A custom NuGet feed or a local folder.

The host feed contains all official UiPath libraries which are available across tenants. You can also publish your own libraries to this feed to share them between tenants.

Allowing libraries upload into the host feed is done from the tenant Settings page. See libraries deployment settings for details on how to choose and configure feeds. Tenants use the host feed by default, so if you haven't configured anything explicitly, the host feed is used.

Libraries Permissions

To be able to perform various operations on the Libraries page, you need to be granted the corresponding permissions on Libraries:

  • View - Downloading a library and viewing any libraries-related details;
  • Create - Uploading a library.

  • Library Feeds
  • Tenant feed
  • Host feed
  • Custom feed
  • Libraries Permissions

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