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Referencing an Entity in Your App

To create better, more complex apps, UiPath Apps can connect and interact with entities from UiPath Data Service. Data Service is a persistent data storage service that brings powerful no-code data modeling and storage capabilities to your Robotic Process Automation (RPA) projects. For more information on Data Service, you can check the Data Service guide.

Note: After the data is loaded, the entities data is refreshed only when a rule is executed. Any updates made on Data Service via processes or other means are not picked up automatically. Make sure that you refresh the data explicitly in these scenarios.

For the moment, there is no infinite scroll for entities.

Referencing an Entity From Data Service

Once an entity has been created in Data Service, you can reference that entity from an app.

For more information on how to create an entity in Data Service, see Creating an entity.

Note: If the schema in Data Service is altered, the changes are automatically synced after refreshing or reopening the app.

In the example below, we'll show you how to reference an existing entity into an app.

  1. From an existing app in App Studio, click on the docs image icon next to the app title.
  2. Click on Entity to open the entity reference dialog.

  3. A list of tenants for the current account is displayed. Choose the one that hosts the entities you need and click Next.

  4. A list of processes, organized by folders, is shown for the currently selected tenant. Highlighting a process displays the contents of the entity.
  5. Check the checkbox next to the entity you want to use in your app and click Add.

The entity has now been added to your app.

Note: Entity permissions are managed in Data Service. Make sure you have the right permissions for the entity you want to reference from Data Service.

Binding an Entity

Entities can be bound to the following controls:

  • Dropdown
  • List
  • Tables
  • Custom List

In the example below we will bound an entity called Customer to a table.

Before You Start

Before binding an entity to a control in App Studio, make sure that the entity is referenced in your app.


  1. In an existing app, create a new table.
  2. Select the table and go to the Data Source property.
  3. Add the Customer entity in the Data Source property.

The Customer entity is now bound to the table.

  • Referencing an Entity From Data Service
  • Binding an Entity
  • Before You Start
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