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Last updated 28. Feb. 2024

Mobile Device Automation

This section describes the Mobile Device Automation solution in more detail, and helps you in getting started on how to use it.

About mobile device automation

Mobile device automation involves using three distinct components:
  • Studio - IDE for designing mobile tests, and prepare them for test management and execution.
  • Mobile Automation activities - Configurable actions that you can take on the mobile device, to automate it.
  • MDM (Mobile Device Manager) - Tool that offers you a realistic visual interface of testing and automating a mobile device within Studio. You can use MDM to connect to real or emulated devices through Appium, and perform and record your actions on the device as well as manage devices and applications.


To get started with using UiPath's mobile device automation solution, check out the following resources:

  • About mobile device automation
  • Resources

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