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About Feeds Management

Automations require the use of code contained in NUPKG packages. This includes activity packages, libraries, and automation packages. Feeds store and manage these packages and the Manage Feeds tab in Automation Ops offers a centralized location from which to manage the feeds in your organization.

Feeds can be categorized in multiple ways:

  • Package type:
    • Library - Contain activity packages and libraries required by automation projects.
    • Package - Contain packaged automation projects that can be deployed as processes and executed by robots.
  • Feed source:
    • Internal - Feeds that are hosted in Orchestrator.
    • External - Feeds that are hosted externally.
  • Feed type:
    • Orchestrator - Feeds provided by Orchestrator at the Host, Tenant, Folder, or Personal Workspace level. By default, Orchestrator comes with one host-level library feed, one package feed for each tenant, and one package feed for each Personal Workspace. Optionally, you can enable a library feed at the tenant level and create folders with separate package feeds.
    • UiPath - Feeds provided out-of-the-box by UiPath:
      • Official- Contains activity packages officially supported by UiPath.
      • Marketplace - Contains packages published to the UiPath Marketplace.
    • Custom - Feeds that you add and manage using Automation Ops.

With Automation Ops you can:

  • View details about the packages available in feeds, including versions, tags, and dependencies.
  • Manage the packages and package versions available in Orchestrator library and package feeds at the tenant and folder level.
  • Add custom library and package feeds, manage the packages and package versions they contain, and deploy them as external feeds to Orchestrator tenants.
  • Copy specific package versions from the UiPath feeds to Orchestrator tenant library feeds and custom library feeds.

The following table lists the operations that are available for each type of feed in Automation Ops.

View the details of a feedYesYesYes
Add a feedNoNoYes
Deploy a feed to an Orchestrator tenantNoNoYes
Remove a feed from an Orchestrator tenantNoNoYes
Delete a feedNoNoYes
Change feed name, type, URL, API KeyNoNoYes
Change feed descriptionYes 1Yes 1Yes
Add or delete package versions from a feedYesNoYes
Copy package versions from a feed to another Orchestrator or custom feedYesYesYes

1 - Descriptions are only visible in Automation Ops.

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About Feeds Management

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