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UI Automation Activities
Last updated Apr 26, 2024

Selection options

Mobile Automation activities allow you to work with mobile UI elements by simulating human interaction. When you select Indicate Target inside the body of a mobile automation activity, a separate Selection Options panel opens, enabling you to simulate the interaction with the device.

Accessing the Selection Options panel

To open the Selection Options panel, select Indicate Target inside the body of the activity. This action takes you back to Mobile Device Manager next to where it opens the Selection Options panel.

Working with Selection Options

In the Selection Options panel you can choose to indicate a UI element using various selector generation methods. The table below describes each selector generation method and their corresponding keyboard shortcut that you use to enable them.

MethodDescriptionHow to use the method
Context aware elements discoverySelects UI elements that are identified by Mobile Device Manager. Select F2 in the selection panel, or press F2 on your keyboard.
Image selection modeSelects UI elements based on an image that you manually crop from the mobile screen in MDM. Select F3 in the selection panel, or press F3 on your keyboard.
WebView selectors as native selectorsTries to convert future selectors of type WebView, to selectors of type native, in accordance with the operating system used. This feature makes automating web apps easier. Select F4 in the selection panel, or press F4 on your keyboard.
Computer VisionSelects UI elements identified by the Computer Vision feature. This feature uses a UiPath neural network that is able to identify UI elements without the use of selectors. This method, in turn, manages to identify elements that are otherwise unable to automate.

To access a preview of all the elements that Computer Vision can identify and automate, press the icon next to it.

Select F5 in the selection panel, or press F5 on your keyboard to enable the selector generation method.
  • Accessing the Selection Options panel
  • Working with Selection Options

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