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Last updated Apr 26, 2024


Takes the content typed through the keyboard and pastes it into the currently active UI element. To paste the text inside the element that you want, you need to focus wherever on the UI where you want to paste the text. You can use this API when automating applications for which you need to type text through the keyboard, but without a target element that is recognized by Mobile Automation.


Namespace: UiPath.MobileAutomation.API.Models

Assembly: UiPath.MobileAutomation.API (in UiPath.MobileAutomation.API.dll)

TypeText(string, MobileOptions.TypeTextOptions)

	    string text,
	    MobileOptions. TypeTextOptions options = null
	    string text,
	    MobileOptions. TypeTextOptions options = null
text String
The standard text that you want to type into the active UI element.
options MobileOptions.TypeTextOptions (Optional)
Specifies the MobileOptions.TypeTextOptions for the set text action. Default value is null.
  • Definition
  • TypeText(string, MobileOptions.TypeTextOptions)

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