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UI Automation Activities
Last updated Apr 26, 2024

UI Automation how-to guides

This page includes guides and resources that can help you learn how to create automations using the activities in this package.


Step-by-step guides on how to create automations from scratch. Each tutorial includes a project that you can download and open in UiPath Studio.

Perform browser search and retrieve results using UI Automation APIsCreate an automation that opens the Google search engine, performs a UiPath search, retrieves the result from the official UiPath website, and displays it in the console.
Web BrowsingAutomate the action of browsing a web page by highlighting and showing the content of all items from the header menu.
Find ImagesIdentify the number of appearances of the same image under different names.
Click ImagesAutomate the interaction of a robot with a simple Windows application by manipulating multiple images until creating a pattern.
Trigger and Monitor EventsMonitor user events and trigger different actions by using different hotkeys for opening certain applications.
Create and Override FilesCreate a new notepad file, edit it, and save it.
HTML Pages: Extract and Manipulate InformationAutomate the action of browsing a web page, extract information and use it for creating a new, local HTML page.
Window ManipulationManipulate an open window from your computer.
Automated List SelectionAutomate the selection of various items from a list displayed on a web page.
Find and Manipulate Window ElementsAutomate the action of changing the font size in a notepad file.
Manage Text AutomationAutomate a text received as an input.
Load and Process ImagesRead and retrieve a text from a previously loaded image.
Manage Mouse Activated ActionsAutomate the use of the mouse on a website.
Automate Application RuntimeOpen, run, and close an application.
Automated Run of a Local ApplicationAutomate the running flow of a local application by opening it, running it, and then closing it.
Browser NavigationOpen a web page and navigate back and forward through pages.
Web AutomationAutomate the action of browsing a web page, retrieving the needed information, and displaying it into a message box.
Trigger Scope ExampleA sample automation project which monitors the URL attribute of a web browser and, when changed, moves the automation in a Picture-in-Picture session, monitoring user click actions and saving the UI element as a variable.
Working With UI AutomationCopy values from an Excel file and paste them to a desktop application. Then copy the transaction number from the desktop application and paste it to the Excel file. Click a button in the desktop application to submit the data and display a confirmation message.
Extracting Table Data From a Web Page and Editing It in ExcelExtract a table with today's exchange rates for the Euro against other currencies from the European Central Bank website.
Filling Out PDF Forms in Acrobat Reader With Data From ExcelCreate an equipment use agreement PDF form for each new employee at a company.

Studio Web templates

Preconfigured projects that automate common scenarios. You can use a template as is or you can use it as a starting point for a new project to avoid starting from scratch. Templates are also a good way to learn how to automate.

You can find the following templates with activities from this package in Studio Web:

  • Tutorials
  • Studio Web templates

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