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UI Automation Activities
Last updated Apr 26, 2024

About the Mobile Automation activity package

The Mobile Automation Activities package contains tools that makes creating automation for mobile devices easier. With our new Mobile Device Manager, you can configure devices and apps, connect to them, and interact with them, without ever touching the devices. We support iOS and Android, locally, in the network or in the cloud, no matter if they are real devices or emulators. The package guarantees that mixing desktop and mobile automation is easier than ever, by having the same look and feel.

To create automated mobile tests, choose one of the following experiences:

Set up Mobile Automation package

To use the mobile automation tools to their full extent, to design and run the workflows, download the following activity packages:

  • UiPath.Mobile.Automation.Activities - used for designing workflows.
  • UiPath.Mobile.Automation.Activities.Runtime - used for running workflows.
  • Set up Mobile Automation package

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