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Last updated Apr 26, 2024

About the Terminal activity package

The Terminal pack contains activities designed to connect to a terminal and efficiently work within it. You can retrieve text, fields or screen positions, send keys, text, or wait for certain text or fields to appear as triggers.

The Terminal Session is the activity that enables the user to connect to a specific terminal environment, using a direct connection or a 3rd party terminal emulation, such as Attachmate Reflection, Attachmate Extra, Rocket Bluezone, IBM Personal Communications, Reflection for UNIX, Reflection for IBM or other IBM EHLLAPI compatible terminal emulators.

Software requirements

Starting with version 2.6.0 of the Terminal Activities package, Windows projects that use providers other than Direct Connection (such as IBM EHLLAPI or IBM Personal Communications) need a 32-bit version of the .NET Desktop Runtime to be compatible with terminal emulators that have a 32-bit architecture.

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