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StudioX User Guide
Last updated 2024年4月26日

OneDrive & SharePoint Automation

StudioX enables you to automate file tasks you perform in OneDrive and SharePoint using dedicated OneDrive and SharePoint activities. To use the activities, you must first open Manage Packages from the StudioX ribbon, select All Packages, and then find and install the latest version of the UiPath.MicrosoftOffice365.Activities package.

After you install the package, the activities are available in the OneDrive and SharePoint section of the Activities panel.

Note: Adding accounts to automations requires application credentials to connect to Microsoft. If an administrator adds the credentials in Orchestrator, you are not required to manually add them in the Use OneDrive and SharePoint activity.

Start by adding a Use OneDrive & SharePoint activity to select your account and add the resource to the automation, and then add the activities that interact with OneDrive and SharePoint inside the resource activity.

In activities where you need to select files and folders, you can use the built-in file browser directly from StudioX.

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