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StudioX User Guide
Last updated 2024年4月26日

Keyboard Shortcuts

The complete list of keyboard shortcuts for UiPath StudioX:

File Management

Ctrl + Shift + N - Creates a new Blank Task.

Ctrl + C - Copies an activity from the Designer panel into clipboard. Use Ctrl + V to paste it anywhere in the Designer panel.

Ctrl + O - Enables you to open a previously created task, either the .xaml or project.json file.

Ctrl + L - Opens the folder where the Log files are stored.

Ctrl + S - Saves the currently opened project.

Ctrl + V - Pastes a previously copied activity from clipboard into the Designer panel.

Ctrl + Tab / Alt + F7 - Moves focus between workflow files / panels. When you hold the modifier key (Ctrl or Alt respectively), the following window appears, allowing you to switch between active files and panels.


Ctrl + D - Ignores the activity that is currently selected by placing it into a Comment Out container.

Ctrl + E - Removes the activity from the Comment Out container it was placed in.


Ctrl + Alt + E - Opens the Error List panel.


F2 - Adds delay during a recording activity.

Workflow Analysis and Execution

F5 - Runs the current project.

F6 - Runs the current project in Picture in Picture mode.

F7 - Checks the file for validation errors and Workflow Analyzer violations.

Shift + F7 - Checks the whole project for validation errors and Workflow Analyzer violations.

F8 - Checks the file for validation errors.

Shift + F8 - Checks all project files for validation errors.

F12 - Stops the execution of the current workflow, in both normal and debug mode.

Selected Activity

Ctrl + C - Copies the selected activity or activities to the clipboard.

Ctrl + V - Pastes the copied activity or activities inside the selected item.

Ctrl + Space - Opens the IntelliPrompt window in the Expression Editor.

Ctrl + 1 ... Ctrl + 6 - When the IntelliPrompt window is open, enables/disables displaying each item type in the code completion window, the same as using the buttons at the bottom of the window: Ctrl + 1 Methods, Ctrl + 2 Properties, Ctrl + 3 Classes, Ctrl + 4 Namespaces, Ctrl + 5 Constants, Ctrl + 6 Keywords.

F2 - Allows for renaming the selected activity.

Shift + F2 - Adds an annotation to a selected activity.

Shift + Tab - Navigates to the previous activity or node in the Activities panel.

Tab - Moves through the fields and buttons in the activity, including the menu displayed when you hover the mouse over an input field.

Status Bar

Alt + D - Access the Source Control, Orchestrator folders, and Orchestrator/Cloud Connection menus in the status bar, and then use Shift + Tab to cycle through the menus. Once a menu is selected, press Enter to open it.


F1 - Enables you to access a help topic associated with the currently selected element.

Ctrl + P - Opens the Manage Packages window.

Esc - Closes the Publish, Manage Packages, File Diff windows.

Ctrl + F1 - Minimizes or expands the ribbon.

Ctrl + Alt + D - Switches focus to the Save button from the Design tab.

Alt + F4 - Closes the current window.

Alt + - - Opens the Options context menu in the title bar of the currently selected panel. Please note that this works with the hyphen key above the character keys, not with the minus key in the numpad.

Windows key + Up Arrow - Maximizes the current window.

Windows key + Down Arrow - Restores down the current window.

Ribbon and Home Tab Shortcut Keys

You can quickly get to most of the options in the Home tab (StudioX Backstage View) and the ribbons in the Design tabs by pressing and releasing the Alt key, and then pressing one or more keys.

When you press and release the Alt key, one or more letters or digits appear over the options in the current view. To use an option, press the corresponding key or keys. For some options, additional keys are available after you press the initial key combination.

For a list of shortcuts, see the following sections.

Design Tab Ribbon Keys

If you are in the Design tab, press Alt+D to access the shortcut keys for the Design tab ribbon.


Action Performed

Additional Keys and Actions


Saves the project.


Opens the Run drop-down

F5 - Run

F6 - Run in PiP


Copy the selected activities


Cut the selected activities



Paste the copied activities


Open the Manage Packages window


Open the Analyze File drop-down

A - Analyze

D - Validate

S - Workflow Analyzer Settings


Open the Export to Excel window


Open the Publish window

Home Tab Keys

If you are in the Design tab or Debug tab, press Alt+H to open the Home tab (Studio Backstage View) and access the shortcut keys for the Home tab. If you are already in the Home tab, all you need to do is press the Alt key.


Action Performed

Additional Keys and Actions


Go back to the previous tab, if a project is open


Open a project


Close the currently open project


Open the Start tab

O - Open a Local Project

B - Create a Blank Task

T - Create a Template

1...9 - Open one of the nine most recent projects


Open the Templates tab


Open the Tools tab

U - Open the UI Explorer

R - Open the Repair Tool for Microsoft Office

C - Install the Chrome extension

F - Install the Firefox extension

E - Install the Edge extension

J - Install the Java extension

S - Install the Silverlight extension

T - Install the Citrix extension

W - Install the Windows Remote Desktop extension

V - Install the VMware Horizon extension

X - Install the Excel Add-in extension.


Open the Settings tab

G - Open the General tab

D - Open the Design tab

L - Open the Locations tab

M - Open the Manage Sources tab

P - Open the License and Profile tab


Open the Help tab

D - Open the Product Documentation link

F - Open the Community Forum link

H - Open the Help Center link

A - Open the Academy link

R - Open the Release Notes link

S - Open the Take a short survey link

C - Copy the license information

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