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Last updated 2024年4月26日

About Workflow Analyzer

Workflow analysis plays a central part in project development. The ability to perform an analysis on your project ensures higher quality and reliability.

The Workflow Analyzer performs two types of checks:

  • Analyzes if the project follows automation best practices and restrictions defined through Workflow Analyzer rules.
  • Validates the configuration of all activities, checking for missing or incorrect data.

Additional information about the Workflow Analyzer is available in the Studio Guide.

Running the Workflow Analyzer

To run the Workflow Analyzer and perform both types of checks, click Analyze in the StudioX ribbon.

If you want to run only one of the two types of analysis, click the arrow under Analyze, and then select either Analyze or Validate.

If any errors are found, they are displayed in the Error List panel. To go to the activity where an error originated, double-click the error message. If an error is caused by a Workflow Analyzer rule violation, you can expand the error message to view recommendations for how to fix it.

Workflow Analyzer Rules

StudioX comes with a set of built-in rules. The following rules are enabled by default:

The following rules need to be enabled manually:

Managing Rules

To manage Workflow Analyzer rules, in the StudioX ribbon, select Project > Project Settings, and then select the Workflow Analyzer tab.

Use the search box at the top of the window to search rules by name or code. To filter rules by scope and default action, click the button to the right of the search box.

  • To enable / disable a rule, select / clear the check box next to its name.
  • To change the logging level for a rule, select an option from the Default action drop-down menu.
  • To reset a rule to the default settings, right-click it, and then select Reset to default.
  • Running the Workflow Analyzer
  • Workflow Analyzer Rules
  • Managing Rules

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