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Last updated Jul 15, 2024

Deployment Guidelines

This page contains information that might be crucial from a security and best practices perspective. The page will be updated over time based on new findings, information, and feedback we receive.

Installation in a Custom Path

In the advanced settings of the installation, you have the option to select a custom installation path. This option is meant to allow users and organizations to configure paths according to their own rules.

Be aware that any custom path outside of the system default paths can become a potential security risk. Make sure the custom installation path is secured properly and that no unauthorized persons have access to it. Locations outside of system folders such as Windows, Program Files, and Users are not under the same level of control by the operating system and therefore security policies and rules may not all apply to custom paths.

We recommend using the default installation path suggested by the installer. Otherwise, make sure that only trusted users have write permissions on the custom installation folder (SYSTEM, users that are part of Administrators group, etc.). Regular users should not have write permissions, nor the ability to gain these permissions.

  • Installation in a Custom Path

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