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Automation Configuration

Automation configuration allows you to change how an automation runs and what details it has.

You can set values for input arguments directly from the UiPath Assistant which are saved and used every time the automation is run, making it easier to work with automations that require custom inputs and removing the need to create a new automation each time a value changes.
Input arguments can be found under the Customize section and are used to configure automations that make use of such variables.
Besides arguments, you can also configure an automation to always start in a PiP Session from the same menu.

When an automation that contains arguments with the direction In is run for the first time, the UiPath Assistant automatically prompts you to provide values for the input arguments that do not have a default value that contains mandatory arguments.



Default argument values from Studio are not used when the automation is run from Assistant. They must be updated manually prior to starting the automation.

Configure Input Arguments

  1. Hover over an automation and select More actions searchsearch > Show automation details.
  1. Set the value, and then click Save. The way in which you set the value of an argument depends on its type:
    • Int32 - enter a number
    • String - enter text
    • Boolean - select or clear a checkbox
    • DateTime - pick a date or time

Configure Start in PiP

  1. Hover over an automation and select More actions searchsearch > Show automation details.
  2. Under Picture in Picture, turn on the Start in PiP toggle.
    The next time you run the automation, it starts in a PiP session.

Connections in UiPath Assistant

Connections can be used directly from the UiPath Assistant by accessing the Automation Details menu.

If an automation already has connections set up in Orchestrator, the user is able to select it from the list; otherwise, they can create a new one from the same menu.


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Automation Configuration

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