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The UiPath Robot Guide

Configuration Steps

In order for your automation projects to benefit from the Robot JavaScript SDK, the following prerequisites need to be met:

  • Studio and Robot version 2019.10 or greater installed
  • A Robot connected to Orchestrator
  • The UiPath JavaScript Add-On installed on the Robot machine
  • The Robot JavaScript SDK



The Robot JavaScript SDK is provided out-of-the box for Studio Community Edition v2020.2 and Enterprise v2020.4 and greater. For Enterprise v2019.10 LTS a stand-alone Add-On installer is also available.

If you upgrade from v2019.10 to v2020.2 and later, you need to manually uninstall the UiPath Robot JS Add-on before running the Studio and Robot installer.

Once the UiPath JavaScript Add-On is installed, a prompt is displayed to allow your custom application or web page to connect to the Robot when a method is called. You can test it here.

The Robot JavaScript SDK

This SDK provides all the necessary methods and properties you can include in your custom application or web page. You can download it as follows:


The npm package is available with TypeScript bindings. To include it in your project, you need to execute the following command at the root of your project directory:

npm install --save @uipath/robot


For CDN, you need to include the SDK before closing the </body> tag.

<script src="//"></script>

Direct Download

You can also grab the Robot JavaScript SDK via direct download.

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Configuration Steps

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