UiPath Release Notes

UiPath Release Notes

UiPath Widgets

Release date: 26 April 2021

What's New

Widgets are here to expand the functionality of the UiPath Assistant, be it a custom one or created by UiPath and distributed via the official feed, Widgets enhance the automation experience of users with their abilities.

Custom Widgets

Besides the ones provided out of the box by UiPath, you are also able to create Custom Widgets by customizing a default widget template as per your needs.To find out more, make sure to check out this guide for more information.

Apps Widget

The first official widget developed and published by UiPath is the Apps Integration Widget. With this, UiPath Apps can now be integrated within the UiPath Assistant, allowing you to manage and start them just like any other process, offering a shortcut to the apps universe right from the UiPath Assistant.

Starting with the v2021.4 release you can manage the user access to Widgets. This can be done in Automation Ops from the Automation Cloud. A new policy type for Assistant is added allowing you to:

Choose if you allow users to install their own custom widgets.

Choose if you want to use the UiPath Official widget feeds. Choosing yes, the widgets are downloaded from either the official UiPath feed or your Orchestrator libraries feed. Otherwise, only the Orchestrator library feeds is available.

List the widgets available to your users by simply adding the name and the version of the NuGet package.

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UiPath Widgets

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