UiPath Release Notes

UiPath Release Notes



Release Date: 23rd June 2020

New Features and Improvements

This hotfix introduced support for the parsing of names contained in an email address.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue occurring on the GetMailMessages activity where single part emails were not inspected for an attachment.


Release Date: 15th June 2020

New Features and Improvements

This release brings many new exciting features. Five new activities are available under the Google AppsScript functionality:

  • Create Script Project
  • Create Deployment
  • Get Project Content
  • Run Script
  • Upload Script File
    The GSuise Application Scope activity has been improved with a new wizard that contains a list of all possible authentication scopes usable by the child activities. The Auto-Detect button can be used to automatically select the required scopes. New scopes can manually be added to the list. If no scopes are selected, the minimum required scopes are selected at runtime.
    This wizard replaces the previous Services input option, which was used to select the Google service and the scopes associated with the service.



  • Using the Robot and Studio Api for tighter integration with the platform.
  • Added a telemety client, which however is disabled in runtime.
  • Added an Orchestrator client.
  • Added project settings.
  • The activity has been translated in all the languages available to UiPath Studio.

New activities released:

Google Sheets

  • Clear Range

Changes and additions

Google Drive activities

  • SupportsTeamDrives property has been hidden and deprecated. It now defaults to true. Google documentation states: Deprecated - Whether the requesting application supports both My Drives and shared drives. This parameter will only be effective until June 1, 2020. Afterwards all applications are assumed to support shared drives. (Default: false)
  • Added a new boolean property, "UseDomainAdminAccess", to Permission activities.

GSuite Application Scope

  • Add a new option under OAuth Client ID, "DataStoreLocation". It allows selecting multiple storage locations for the TokenResponse received upon successful completion of the OAuth2 flow: Local disk (the default behaviour and the behaviour of the package until now), Orchestrator (as per robot asset), Never Store at all (this will mean the consent screen will be shown each time the activity is run).
  • Added a new category named Options. Inputs that are common between the various categories will be found here.
  • Moved the "User" input from the OAuth Client ID category to newly created Options category.
  • Added a new InArgument<string[]>, "Folder", to the Options category, for versions of Orchestrator that support it.


Solved a bug in the Change Labels activity where the activity tried to remove the DRAFTS and SENT labels, even though these are system labels and cannot be added/removed from an email.


Release Date: 26th August 2019

New Features and Improvements

This release adds a new AttachmentList (String[]) property to the [Send Mail] activity, giving you the ability to send a dynamic number of attachments. The activity sends all attachments specified in both the Attachments and AttachmentList properties.

The Modify Event activity was also updated to include a new UpdatedEventID property (String[]) to output the ID of the resulting modified event. In most cases, this the UpdatedEventID value is the same as the specified EventID. However, there are instances when a new event is created (e.g., recurring events).

In addition to updating exsiting activities, this release adds the following Google Sheets activities:


Release Date: 19th June 2019

New Features and Improvements

This release introduces integration with Google Docs, enabling automation via the Create Document, Get Document, Get Text Index, Insert Text, and Replace Text activities.

In addition to the new Google Docs activity set, this release adds an optional InArgument<string> ("User") to the GSuite Application Scope that you can use to store different tokens for multiple Google accounts. It also adds two optional InArgument<int> ("Rows" and "Columns") to the Add New Sheet and Create Spreadsheet activities that you can use to specify the sheet size you want to create.

Bug Fixes

This release fixed the bug (introduced in version v1.1.0) that did not allow the GSuite Application Scope to be run in a loop.


Release Date: 14th March 2019

New Features and Improvements

This release adds new activities to each supported application, as well as, introduces integration with Google Calendar.

With this release, you can now Delete File in Google Drive, Change Labels in GMail, and Delete Sheet in Google Sheets.

In addition to the new activities for the existing applications, this release integrates with Google Calendar, enabling the management of your calendar events, including Add Attendees, Create Event, Delete Event, Modify Event, and Search Events.

Bug Fixes

This release fixed the issue of email addresses being truncated when they contained capital letters.


Release Date: 22nd January 2019

New Features and Improvements

There were no new features or improvements in this release.

Bug Fixes

This release fixed a series of minor bugs where ArgumentNullExceptions and ArgumentOutOfRangeExceptions were not displayed correctly.


Release Date: 22nd January 2019

New Features and Improvements

This release introduces integration with Google Drive. With this integration, you can automate your interactions with Google Drive, including Download File, Upload File, and Get File Info. In addition to the new activity set, this package adds Japanese language support.

Known issues

There are two known issues in this release. The first is the Upload File activity is limited to 2GB size files. The second is the Download File activity is limited by your memory size, so you may need to check your available memory when downloading large files.


Release Date: 17th December 2018

New Features and Improvements

The first beta release, introduces integration with Google Docs, Google Sheets and GMail.

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