UiPath Release Notes

September 2019

2nd September 2019


Cloud Platform

From now on, the Add Service button is enabled only if you've upgraded your plan from Community to Enterprise, allowing you to create more than one service.

Known Issues

  • A Cloud Platform account cannot be created if during the signup process you create a new Microsoft account. This occurs only if you are logged in with a different Microsoft account. To avoid this situation, log out of your existing account before creating a new one.

Bug Fixes

Cloud Platform

  • In some cases, if you created an account using basic authentication, you couldn't access that newly created Cloud Platform account. We fixed the error that prevented you from logging in.
  • Randomly some of you encountered "Account doesn't exist" errors while trying to log in to your Cloud Platform accounts. The issue causing this malfunction was corrected.
  • The error that prevented a few Cloud Platform users from logging in, redirecting them to the Create your account page, was remedied.
  • We fixed an intermittent glitch that prevented the password reset email from reaching the inbox of your specified email address.

September 2019

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