UiPath Release Notes

UiPath Release Notes

Release date: May 4th, 2020

This page provides more information about the newly released functionality within UiPath Process Mining 20.4.

End user

ProcessGold has become part of the UiPath family. Therefore, from now on the product will be called UiPath Process Mining instead of ProcessGold. In this version, you will notice AppOne and our platform have been given a makeover to look and feel more like a UiPath product.

_The refreshing new look of UiPath Process Mining_

The refreshing new look of UiPath Process Mining

Translatable apps

Applications can support multiple languages. AppOne officially supports English and Japanese. Changing language can be done in the bottom left corner below the favorites.

_Change language_

Change language

Process comparisons on periods

The Process – Compare dashboards are improved to also include comparisons based on periods.

Comparing two processes on a period can be done by selecting a period on each of the period filters associated with the processes. The cases are compared based on the Case end value which is selected in these period filters. This makes it possible to compare your process changes over time, to compare the before- and after-automation situation.

_Compare different periods_

Compare different periods


In AppOne the formatting of the currency is set default to dollars ($) and the decimal and thousand separators are swapped, to represent the US formatting.

Timing – Cases dashboard performance improvement

The dashboard items on the right side of the Timing – Cases dashboard no longer show activity type information on their stacks, but only case information. This improves the performance of the dashboard and makes it more than 2x faster.

Back button details to correct tab

Zooming in to details from a dashboard and clicking the back button has been improved. If a certain tab is visited, for example Timing - Timing - Analysis , and you click on details, the back button will go back to Timing - Timing with Analysis opened. Keep in mind that clicking on the details of the process graph next to it does not have the same effect.



As the look and feel, stated above, is changed, the application code has been changed also to ProcessMining instead of ProcessGold. This change has effect while updating existing environments in the following way

  • You must set the user rights to the new application code. However, the users only will be able to open the application after the first cache with this code is finished.
  • The favorites will be broken since those are linked to application codes.


A new invariant Event input data not sorted correctly is added to AppOne. This warning invariant identifies whether your events input data is sorted on the same way as Event order does within AppOne. A different ordering has influence on the performance of your application. You can change the ordering within your connector that it fits AppOne.


Translatable apps

To make sure that all visible text is translatable, developers can now use the translate () function. Use this function for any text in expressions that end users will see such as labels, info texts, and dashboard-item display names. Expression functions displayname, applicationname, dashboarditemname, sizemethod, levelattributename, selectedlabels, and levelattributename should not be used in the translate () function, these translations are already processed. Use these functions only for displaying translated text. Do not use them in application logic, as the output of translated texts is different based on the selected language.

The product can automatically generate a list of all display names of visible attributes, metrics, selectors, etc., as well as all texts used in the translate () function. To do this, use the Generate translation files… option in the menu on the Superadmin Workspaces page. This option will generate a translation file for each locale you wish to support (as indicated by the supportedLocales ApplicationSettings.json option). These files will contain all keys that require translation. See the translatable applications entry in the ApplicationSettings.json help for details.

Platform translatability

Next to translating applications, the platform itself is now also translatable into multiple languages. From this release onwards the product officially supports English and Japanese translations out of the box. For locales that do not have a built-in translation for the texts, developers can provide custom translations.

Server administrator

Non-production license

A new license option is available for non-production installations. These can be used for development or acceptation setups, so they are separated from the production environment. When this license option is in effect this is shown by a banner. Please contact your sales representative for more information.

_A banner besides the page title indicates when a non-production license is in effect._

A banner besides the page title indicates when a non-production license is in effect.

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