UiPath Release Notes

UiPath Release Notes

July 2019

22nd July 2019

What’s New

Computer Vision License

Your Cloud Platform account comes with even more perks. Now you can get a license to use the Computer Vision activities pack in your workflows. There are limits imposed on the usage of our Computer Vision servers depending on your plan. Copy the CV API Key from your Licenses page, or generate a new key if the old one is compromised, then use it within Studio. Read more about this new feature here.


In our effort to cater for various preferences, you may select from a wider variety of web browsers, because your Cloud Platform account works just as well now on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge.

Starting now, whenever you decide to modify your service name or site URL, a message reminds you of the impact that such a change has on your account. If you move ahead and perform the change, make sure that you reconnect your Robots, your Mobile Orchestrator users, and resend the invites for all your pending users.

The comments entered while requesting additional licenses for your account are displayed within the email message you receive as Account Owner. This way you always know the reasons of your Account Admins for requesting licenses.

If you are part of several Cloud Platform accounts, from now on you can select the Cloud Platform account you want to access each time even after logging out.

Known Issues

  • In rare circumstances, jobs triggered from schedules configured with Stop Job After are not stopped. This occurs due to a heartbeat concurrency issue, for instance when a heartbeat overwrites the terminating state of the job.
  • If you use unicode characters (such as Japanese) in the “Company name” when signing up for your account, the service created by default within the account is named “Default”, instead of “CompanyNameDefault”. If you leave the Company name empty, the service created by default within the account gets your First name. If your First name contains unicode characters, the service is named Default. Remember that you can use unicode characters for your Company name after account creation, but not for your services. Make sure you don’t use such characters when editing a service name.
  • There might be occasions when disabling or enabling a service happens with a delay of a few seconds.
  • Your service’s Jobs page should be refreshed automatically after running a job. If you notice that the page doesn’t change over time, please refresh it.
  • The Audit Log file downloads, but it is empty.

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed an issue that prevented you signing up for your own Cloud Platform account with the same email address that was used to join another persons' Cloud Platform account beforehand.
  • Thanks to the feedback received from some of you, we have solved this unpleasant situation where Account Owners previously migrated from Orchestrator Community Edition were unable to access their Services. Specifically, the service name was not clickable, or their user records appeared to be in Pending Invitation state. This happened mostly when logging in using your Microsoft credentials, but no problems were reported when using your Google credentials.
  • Until now, if a user was assigned multiple roles on a service, all those roles were displayed in the Services > Users page, making it crowded and difficult to read. Our solution is to display only some of the roles, the rest being displayed when hovering over the ellipsis button next to that user.
  • We resolved the error generated when trying to download the Audit Logs within your service’s Jobs , Robots, Audit, or Transactions pages.
  • The Sign Up page doesn't freeze anymore if you sign up for your UiPath Cloud Platform account, send an invite for a colleague, then your colleague accepts the invite using the same browser session, and signs up using basic authentication.
  • We fixed the situations in which you received an invitation to join an account, but instead of accepting it, you signed up for your own account with the same email address, using basic authentication. As a result, when you clicked on the Verify Email button in the sign-up message received in your inbox, Email Verification Pending message appeared and you could not access your account.
  • You shouldn’t receive the Callback URL Mismatch error anymore when clicking on your default service within the Services page. The error occurred from time to time for new users who signed up for Cloud Platform using basic authentication.
  • Both the Audit Logs page and the downloaded audit logs now display the events in UTC time standard.
  • We encountered and fixed the following issue: a user was invited to an existing account, and was granted access to a service in that specific account; the user logged in successfully with Microsoft credentials, but the Users page still displayed him with a pending invitation; also, the user could not access the allocated service.
  • It is no longer possible to use unicode characters in the URL of your site, as it rendered it unusable.
  • If you removed a user that was part of multiple Cloud Platform accounts an error is thrown. Now, the issue no longer occurs, and you can successfully remove such users.
  • An error message informs you now that you can’t access a service recently disabled by another user, even if the service looks enabled within the unrefreshed Services page.
  • To prevent your email address from being flooded with reset password emails, after clicking Reset Password once it becomes inactive until a notification message appears on the screen. Click the button again if you don’t find the reset password email in your inbox.
  • We fixed an error that prevented you from entering your email address in the Create your Account page. This occurred if the receiver of the invite email clicked the invite link while having HTML disabled in their client.
  • Now you can sign up for a Cloud Platform account even if the Company name is already used.
  • The Cancel button is now disabled during the creation of a new service.
  • An error page was displayed when you logged out of a service. Now, the Login page is properly displayed.
  • Users are no longer logged out of the service they are actively using, even if their Cloud Platform session expires in the meantime.
  • The Sign Up page is displayed correctly now in China as well.

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July 2019

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