UiPath Release Notes

UiPath Release Notes

March 2020

25 March 2020

What's New

We're preparing Cloud Portal to undergo some exciting changes. While doing so, we've restricted the use of the underscore _ at the end of account names, both during signing up for Cloud Platform or editing your organization settings.

12 March 2020

What's New

This spring brings you a fresh look for your already known Cloud Portal. It’s a modest first step to some ambitious longer-term plans. We've reworked the entire UX to be cleaner, lighter and more intuitive for your daily activities. The Portal's modern look comes with a new header, fresher colors, crisp appearance for buttons, tables, and tabs.

Hopefully, you also noticed what hasn’t changed today: easy access to the functionalities. We’ve kept most elements in the same place – so that you can get things done while you get used to the new look. The small number of items that have moved around should now be more discoverable than they were before.

  • Dashboard becomes Homepage, with more functionality aimed at easing your automation process and your navigation to existing Orchestrator services. You can also see at a glance when those services were last updated. The License Usage graph and Distributed Licenses charts are also here, but with a twist - if there is no data to be displayed, an empty graph appears, instead of the No data available message displayed before.
  • Audit Logs was previously a bit of a treasure hunt if you weren’t an old hand at it. We've enabled you to quickly and easily check the audit trail, without diving through various menus to find the way in.
  • Organization Settings are now accessible through your User menu located in the top-right corner of every Cloud Portal page.

While the notification messages continue to show up, we've removed the Notifications page. From now on, the notifications bell icon in the top-right corner signals UiPath announcements regarding our products. Click the bell and then the announcement within to read our post on the UiPath Forum.

Read more about your Cloud Portal's new look in our Forum post. The product design team here at UiPath is committed to listening to your feedback.


Navigation from Cloud Portal to the selected Orchestrator service is now performed within the same browser tab. In your Cloud Portal's Homepage or Services page, click the name of an available Orchestrator service to be instantly directed to that service.

Bug Fix

  • For accounts having AI Robots licenses, the License Usage Trend graph on your Homepage displayed zero activity lately due to a miscommunication between Cloud Portal and your Orchestrator services. We've fixed it so that future data should show up correctly. You can view the data from the missing period in your Orchestrator service's Dashboard.

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March 2020

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