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Last updated 13 de mai de 2024


Release Date: 8 February 2024

Bug fixes

  • Erratum - added 22 February 2024

    We’ve addressed a random "Connection Closed" error in Studio during process debugging or execution, which forced you to terminate both Studio and Executor in order to rerun the process again.

  • Previously, creating a session assigned "RDP_xxxxx_xx" as the Client Name for the robot machine. With this update, the machine’s host name is used instead. This allows for reusing RDP licenses rather than allocating a new one for every session.
  • We've fixed a bug that was causing the Legal Policy to be immediately re-enabled when a session connect ended, even if other sessions were still in the process of connecting.
  • This patch brings several accessibility fixes in UiPath Assistant. Here’s some of them:
    • Errors that prevent you from saving reminders in UiPath Assistant are now clearly displayed.
    • Navigating in UiPath Assistant's left-side panels with the Tab key now shows two accessibility buttons: "Skip below main content" for quick jumps to the end of your list, and "Skip above main content" for easy returns to the list's start.

    • You can now access the list of your tenants in UiPath Assistant by clicking on your user profile.
  • Bug fixes

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