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Orchestrator Installation Guide
Last updated Feb 15, 2024

Certificate Considerations

Certificate Types

Orchestrator requires two types of certificates:

  • An Orchestrator SSL certificate for enabling the encrypted communication between Robots and Orchestrator.

    An SSL certificate approved by a Certificate Authority is recommended, but a self-signed certificate can also be used.

  • An Identity Server token-signing certificate for user authentication, which holds the private key. In order to change these, you need to configure Identity Server.

Changing Certificates

Through the Platform Configuration Tool

In the context of certificates, the Platform Configuration Tool can be used:

  • To check that all certificate requirements are met by Orchestrator after an upgrade.
  • To update existing certificates using the -UpdateUiPathCertificate command.

By Creating New Certificates

You can either request a new Orchestrator SSL certificate from a Certificate Authority or create a self-signed certificate on your own. However, the latter option is not recommended.

  • Certificate Types
  • Changing Certificates
  • Through the Platform Configuration Tool
  • By Creating New Certificates

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