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Orchestrator User Guide
Last updated Apr 19, 2024


Dedicated Installation Node

To use Automation Suite robots in a Production environment, you need a dedicated node for Automation Suite robots. You can create this node in a new Automation Suite installation, or add it as a new node to an existing Automation Suite installation.

For evaluation installations, you do not need a dedicated node for Automation Suite robots. In this case, you can install Automation Suite robots on the shared server node used for this environment.

Hardware Requirements

If you want to include Automation Suite robots in your Automation Suite installation, you must meet the hardware requirements.

  • To determine overall Automation Suite requirements, including Automation Suite robots and other services, use the requirements calculator.
  • To view the hardware requirements for only the dedicated node used for Automation Suite robots, see Additional Automation Suite Robots requirements.

    Note: If you want to enable package caching, which can improve performance, a minimum of 10GB are required in addition to the requirements mentioned above. For details on enabling package caching, see Managing products.

Enabling Automation Suite Robots

For Automation Suite robots to be available in your installation, you must either include the Automation Suite Robots service at installation time, or enable the product at a later time.

Enabling during installation

Follow the Automation Suite installation instructions and, as part of this process, make sure that you enable the Automation Suite Robots service to have this feature available in your environment.

Enabling post-installation

If you did not enable the Automation Suite Robots service during Automation Suite installation, or if you chose to disable this feature at one point, you can enable it after installation as described in Enabling or disabling Automation Suite Robots.


At least one Unattended (Production) runtime must be available for the tenant to create the machine template.

One such license allows for one job to run at one time on Automation Suite robots. More licenses allow you to run multiple jobs at the same time on the same robot.

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