UiPath Installation and Upgrade

The UiPath Installation and Upgrade Guide

⚙ Web.Config


Most of Orchestrator's configuration settings have been moved to UiPath.Orchestrator.dll.config:

  • connection strings
  • appSettings
  • NLog configuration
  • the encryption key


The web.config file (C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Orchestrator) holds settings used by the IIS, which are contained in the <system.webServer> element.
Learn here about <system.webServer>.
Changing web.config automatically restarts the IIS.


HTTP Compression

The element below enables the compression of dynamic content, respectively large downloadable .csv reports, in Orchestrator. By default, this feature is enabled
set to true. To disable it change the value of the enabled attribute to false.

    <remove mimeType="text/csv" />
    <add mimeType="text/csv" enabled="true" />

Updated 4 months ago

⚙ Web.Config

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