UiPath Installation and Upgrade

The UiPath Installation and Upgrade Guide

Prerequisites for Installation

Apart from the prerequisites listed here for Orchestrator installation, Identity Server needs the following:


Identity Server requires 2 valid certificates:



For security reasons, the certificate used by the Identity Server needs to:
have a public key on 2048 bits
have a private key accessible by the AppPool user,
be in its validity period (not expired).

The certificate's location is set in Identity Server's configuration file appsettings.Production.json, in the Signing Credential section.

If a self-signed certificate is used, this must also be placed in the Trusted Root Certification Authority certificate store (besides the usual Personal location).

The certificate is used for signing OpenID access tokens that are used for user identification via browser and for service-to-service communication between Orchestrator and Identity Server. Click here for more details about OpenID Connect.

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Prerequisites for Installation

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