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Last updated Jun 5, 2024

Document Classification Validation Overview

What Is Document Classification Validation

After automatic classification, one optional (but highly recommended) step is that of classification validation.

This refers to a human review step, in which knowledge workers can review the classification results and correct them when necessary.

Using Classification Validation ensures that, downstream, all next steps within the Document Understanding Framework and run on the correct classification information.

When Classification Validation Should Be Used

It is strongly recommended to use the Document Classification Validation components when:

  • you are dealing with multiple document types within a single file. This is a particularly important case, because if the automatic classification is wrong, or reports too few / too many pages within a class, if data extraction is also required downstream, then the data extraction component would be applied to the wrong content.
  • you need 100% accuracy in classification and there are no other ways of validating that the classification results are correct.

How to Use the Document Classification Validation Components

Validating the classification results can be done by human input through the use of Classification Station.

The Classification Station is available both

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