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Last updated Jun 5, 2024

Configure Classifiers Wizard of Classify Document Scope

The Configure Classifiers Wizard accessed via the Classify Document Scope allows you to configure the way the classifiers are applied to each document type, and what results are acceptable.

The steps below describe the use of the wizard:

  1. Add a Classify Document Scope activity to your workflow.
  2. Place one or more Classifier activities inside the Classify Document Scope activity.
    • Give your Classifiers suggestive names.
    • Order the Classifiers within the scope, from left to right, in the order of acceptance priority.
    • Configure your classifiers by clicking on the Configure Classifiers button.
    • You can now see the Wizard.

  3. Select the checkboxes for the classifier and document type pairs you want to activate. Leaving a document type unchecked for a certain classifier means that (1) the classifier is not trained or configured to identify that particular document type; or (2) the classifier does not perform as expected for that particular document type, and if such results are returned by the classifier, they should be ignored.
  4. If a classifier has its own taxonomy, then use the text boxes next to each checkbox to set the correct Taxonomy mapping between the two taxonomies. For example, if Classifier1 has been configured to return class INV for an Invoice, but your project taxonomy contains a document type called "Incoming Invoice", then the box corresponding to "Incoming Invoice" and that particular Classifier1 should contain the string INV.
  5. Select a minimum confidence threshold for each of your classifiers. Acceptable values are between 0 (no minimum confidence) and 100. If a classifier returns a classification result with a confidence lower than the set threshold, the Classify Document Scope will ignore that classification result and not report it.
  6. Click on the Save button once all the classifiers are configured.

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