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Last updated Jun 5, 2024

Configure Extractors Wizard of Train Extractors Scope

The Configure Extractors Wizard accessed via the Train Extractors Scope allows you to choose which extractors are trained for each document type and field.

The steps below describe the use of the wizard:

  1. Add a Train Extractors Scope activity to your workflow.
  2. In the Properties panel, add your custom configurations in the DocumentObjectModel, DocumentPath,DocumentText and HumanValidatedData fields.
  3. Drag an Extractor Trainer activity (for instance, Machine Learning Extractor Trainer) or create a custom activity for extractor training by implementing the classes explained and place it inside the Train Extractors Scope activity.
    • Configure your extractors by clicking on the Configure Extractors button.
    • You can now see the Wizard.

  4. Select the checkboxes for the extractors you want to activate.

  5. Click the Get of refresh extractor capabilities button, for the extractors that support this functionality, to easily map your taxonomy fields with the available extractor fields, or refresh them in case the extractor fields have changed.

  6. To train the extractor based on its extraction result, you can enter any alphanumeric value in the Framework Alias field and then set the exact value in the corresponding Framework Alias field of one or more trainers to create a link between the extractor and the trainer(s).
  7. Click on the Save button once all the extractors are selected.

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