UiPath Document Understanding

UiPath Document Understanding

December 2022

General Release Notes - Document Understanding

20 December 2022

What's New & Improvements

Improvements have been made to the import size limitations. We removed the import page limitation for Document Manager type imports but there is a size limitation of 4000 MiB per import.

Forms AI import limit has been increased to 20 documents with 20 pages each.

We have increased the Exported data accuracy by changing the requirement that data be labelled in 10 places (that could have been on the same page) to 10 different pages.

A transition is soon planned for the Schedule (Preview) Export feature, which would impact existing scheduled exports with a recurrence below seven days. All these existing scheduled exports will be updated to reflect the new minimum recurrence of seven days.

7 December 2022


Overall improvements have been made to Document Manager and Forms AI.

General Release Notes - ML Packages

16 December 2022

Released in Endpoints | v22.12.2

What's New & Improvements

The UiPath Document OCR public endpoint has been updated and now provides handwriting language support for German and French, and print language support for Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, and Swedish.

13 December 2022

Released in Endpoints + DocumentUnderstanding + Data Extraction ML Packages | v22.11.0

What's New & Improvements

This release brings significant improvements to the public endpoints of the
Out-of-the-box Pre-trained ML Packages, meaning that we are now using the latest LayoutLM based Deep Learning architecture.

This improvement provides better accuracy on all document types, especially for the Invoices model, and it also improves the accuracy on column fields and tables.

We added new extracted fields to the Invoices model that now have Shipping Date, Vendor email address, Bank name, Bank account number, IBAN, SWIFT Code, Bank Address, Bank Routing number, and Tax rate. You can check the list of extracted fields by accessing this page and clicking on the link available for each model.

Model scores are now returned by Training pipelines too, not only by Full or Evaluation pipelines.

F1 scores are now available for each column field. Until now, F1 scores were available only for all column fields taken together.

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December 2022

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