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Last updated 28. Feb. 2024

Cloud Devices

Adding Cloud Device

  1. Open MDM from Studio.
  2. In the left navigation panel go to Devices.
  3. Configure your device as follows:
    • Name - Enter a name to identify your device in the Devices tab.
    • Appium URL - Enter the Appium server where your device is hosted. For example: https://yourCloudURL.
    • Platform - Click the field to select Android or iOS from the dropdown.
    • Device Name - Enter the device name.
    • Platform Version - Add the version number of your Android OS.
    • Additional Desired Capabilities (Optional) - Add specific capabilities to customize your automation session (see callout below). For more information, see Appium Desired Capabilities.
    • Set Geo Location (Optional) - Set your device location to test applications that use Location Services to generate location data.
  4. (Optional) Configure logging and video recording details in the Logging tab.
  5. (Optional) Configure your development process in the Development tab.
    • Close Similar Tabs (Activated by default): Close tabs running connections with similar devices and applications.
    • Wait for Page Update (Activated by default): Wait for the page source to retrieve a screenshot of each action.
  6. Click Save & Close to add your device.

    Your device is added to the Devices list. For more information on how to test your device, see Device Interaction.

Adding Sauce Labs Device

You can use the Adding Cloud Device procedure to add a Sauce Labs Device, but consider the following distinct configurations:

  • Appium URL - Enter the Appium server where your device is hosted. You can get the Appium URL from Sauce Labs by navigating to Account > User Settings and copying the string from the Driver Creation.
  • Device Name - Match the device name with the value from the Device field in Sauce Labs.
  • Platform Version - Match the OS version number with the value from the Operating System field in Sauce Labs.
  • Additional Desired Capabilities - Match the value with the one from the Appium Version field in Sauce Labs.

    For more information, see Sauce Labs Platform Configurator.

  • Adding Cloud Device
  • Adding Sauce Labs Device

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