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User Management

The User Management module enables you to manage permissions for an entity service tenant. This extensive and granular permissions model allows you to integrate all your employees using the service based on their level of expertise and your business requirements. Furthermore, you can select Users or User Groups from your cloud account and assign standard roles to them.

The following steps enable you to manage your users and user groups:

Accessing the User Management Module

  1. In the Data Service page click the overlay menu in the upper right corner.
  2. Select User Management.
  1. The User Management page is displayed.

The following tabs are available:




Contains a list of all the Groups and Users that are defined for the Data Service tenant and the Roles they have been assigned.


A list of all the Roles defined for the Entity Service. For each Role you can see how many Users/Groups are assigned.

Available User Roles

The following roles can be assigned to users created in Data Service:

  • Admin
  • Data Writer
  • Data Reader
  • Designer

Adding Users

All calls in the Data Service are based on user authorization. The decision to grant/deny an operation is always based on the effective permissions for the user based on their individual or group membership permission grants. Studio, Assistant, and Robot will also inherit permissions based on their configured users.

Data Service supports all users or groups defined in the account and doesn’t maintain a separate user list. To add users that are part of your organization for the tenant follow the below steps:

  1. In the Users/Group tab click +Add Users/Groups.
  1. In the Add Users/Groups panel start typing the name of the user you want to add.



If you cannot find a user it means they don't have an account within the Automation Cloud organization.

  1. Select the user you want to add from the search results list.
  2. Check the Roles you want to assign to the User.
  1. Click Save.

The newly added user together with the assigned roles is displayed in the Users/Groups list.

Defining Roles for a User/Group

A group is a collection of user accounts. Data Service supports all groups defined in the account and doesn’t maintain a separate list of groups. A permission granted to a group propagates to all users and groups. To define the Roles for a User/Group follow the below steps:

  1. In the Users/Group tab hover over the User/Group for which you want to define the Roles.
  2. Click the Edit icon available on the right-hand side.
  1. Select the desired Roles for the User/Group.
  2. Click Save.

Default User Group Mapping

User Groups are user containers with specific permission sets that can be configured with specific permissions in services within Automation Cloud. Permissions for groups can be configured within each service by selecting the group and associating desired permissions, in the service-specific permissions management pages. Users get the union of all permissions assigned to the groups they are members in.

When you assign users to a group within Cloud Portal, you grant them access to all the services which have permissions configured for that specific user group. The level of access to the service is determined by the roles assigned to that group at the service level.

Cloud Portal Group Membership

Organization Level Role

Data Service Roles


Organization Administrator

Administrator, Designer and Data Writer

Automation Developers


Designer and Data Writer

Automation Users


Data Writer



Data Reader

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User Management

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