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Data Service User Guide
Last updated Mar 15, 2024


A Relationship field type is used to bind two entities. The field uses the one-to-many (1:M) cardinality to correlate a field from the related entity (1) with the host entity (M).


Below is an overview of the details that can be specified to define a Relationship field.




Default Value

Related Entity

Enables you to select the entity to which you want to create a relationship.



Related Entity Display Field

Enables you to select the display field from the related entity to be shown in the user interface.

Note: The actual relationship between the entities is based on the Ids of entities.




Enables you to enter a short text to describe the purpose of the Relationship field.

Note: The Description is displayed in Fields tab.



Representation in UiPath Studio

A Relationship field is imported as the related entity type in your project. You can access all the fields of the related entity as well.

  • Details
  • Representation in UiPath Studio

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