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  • Licensing
  • Setup and configuration
    • Hosting Model
    • Enabling Data Service
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  • Using Data Service
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Data Service User Guide
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Last updated Jul 5, 2024

Enabling Data Service

To be able to create and use Data Service you first need to enable it for your tenant. Before enabling the service please check the Prerequisites.

Note: Data Service is a tenant level service signifying that each tenant data is segregated.

Enabling Data Service on your tenant

Follow the steps below to enable the Data Service on your tenant.
  1. Access the Automation Cloud Admin page.
  2. Select your tenant from the list of available tenants in the sidebar.
    For more details about managing tenants, please refer to the About Tenants page from the Automation Cloud guide.
  3. Select Services. The list of currently available services is displayed.
  4. Select Add Services. The list of additional services is displayed.
  5. Select Data Service, then select Add. The Allocate licenses panel opens.
  6. Select the number of Data Service Units (DSU) to add to your tenant, then select Add. You can also select Skip, which allocates the default selection of all available free licenses. Your tenant now updates, then returns you to the Services page.

Data Service is enabled in your tenant and available for use.

Note: The license type for a Data Service tenant is the license type of the account at the time of enabling it. Please check Provisioning Data Service tenants section for details.

Data Service Usage Limits

Consider the following limits when using Data Service:

Data Service resource



Total maximum of 200 entities and choice sets per tenant.


Maximum 200 fields per entity.


Maximum 10 MB per attachment.

Choice set

Maximum 250 options per choice set.

  • Enabling Data Service on your tenant
  • Data Service Usage Limits

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