UiPath Data Service

The UiPath Data Service Guide

License allocation and management


UiPath Data Service usage is included in all Robot or Studio-enabled licenses and includes two levels of service:

  • Community—free of charge
  • Enterprise—paid
    The amount of data storage available, the instances size requirements and the allowed number of Data Service API calls vary depending on the type of license you acquire.

Check the About Licensing article for more details about Automation Cloud licenses.


License level details

Allowed Data Service usage is expressed in Data Service Units (DSU). Each Data Service Unit grants a certain amount of data storage, attachment storage, and a maximum number of API calls per day.

Community license

A Community license has a fixed Data Service Unit assigned which can only be enabled for a single tenant.
Below is an overview of what is included

Data Storage

Attachment Storage

Maximum API calls per day

100 MB

500 MB


Enterprise (including Enterprise Trial)

Your Automation Cloud account is granted one Data Service Unit for each of the following licenses:

  • Attended
  • Citizen Developer
  • RPA Developer
  • RPA Developer Pro
  • Process Mining Developer
  • Unattended Robot

Below is an overview of what is included in a single Data Service Unit

Data Storage

Attachment Storage

Maximum API calls per day

1 GB

5 GB


After you enable Data Service, you can allocate up to the maximum amount of Data Service available units. You can change the number of assigned units later on.

To learn how to edit the license allocation for Automation Cloud services, including Data Service, check the Allocating Licenses to Tenants article.

Provisioning Data Service Tenants



The license type for a Data Service tenant is the license type of the account at the time of the tenant creation.

When upgrading a Community account to an Enterprise (or Enterprise Trial) account, your existing Data Service tenant is restricted to the community storage and API call limits.

To leverage the storage and API calls available to your Enterprise (or Enterprise Trial) account, you need to create a new Data Service tenant.


License workflow

This is how the license structure works:

  • Your Automation Cloud account has different licensing quantity parameters for each service that can be attached to the platform.
    • This means that, based on those quantity parameters, you can add one or multiple services to your Automation Cloud account.
  • When enabling the Data Service for a tenant, you must assign one or more DSUs to it.

The details of the total and allocated Data Service Units can always be reviewed. Depending on your role,

  • Users can access Automation Cloud > Home page > License Allocation;
  • Organization Administrators can access Automation Cloud > Admin Page > License Allocation > Other Services.

Check the License usage page for details.

The license is freed up if:

  • the tenant is disabled;
  • the tenant is deleted;
  • Data Service is removed from an existing tenant.

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License allocation and management

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