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Last updated Mar 9, 2023

About Licenses

Viewing Licenses

There are three locations inside the Customer Portal, where you can view information about licenses.

Licenses Section

You can view information about the active UiPath licenses your organization owns in the Licenses section of your organization's profile.

Request Quote Tab

The Request Quote tab allows you to request a quote for new licenses by choosing the SKUs and quantities that you wish to purchase from the UiPath product and services catalog.

The Request Quote tab allows you to select products and request a quote directly in the Customer Portal, to your UiPath Account Manager.

The Request Quote tab displays the Shop Products portal. On this page, you can select from the following product categories:

  • Services
  • Standalone licenses
  • Automation Cloud licenses
  • On-Premises licenses.

Customer Admin users have access, by default, to request a quote. Customer Regular users need to be granted permissions by their Customer Admin, to be able to request a quote.

For more information about roles and permissions, see the About Users and Permissions page. Reach out to your Customer Admin and request permissions for License & Request Quote.Customer Admin users are found in the Company tab, inside the Team Users section.

Enterprise License Agreement Dashboard

The Enterprise License Agreement dashboard is only available to customers who have an active HAPO or ELA contract and have been enabled to use this feature.

More information can be found here.

Viewing My Licenses

You can find information about your UiPath licenses under the Company tab, inside the License section. The License section offers a list of all the active Orchestrators and the associated products that are assigned to your account.

Each license includes the following information:

  • Name
  • License code
  • Subscription type
  • Start date
  • End date
  • Quantity.

    Licenses section

The end dates, that appear in the License section of your organization's account, represent end dates of standalone products or Orchestrators. Those end dates do not necessarily apply to the products provisioned under each Orchestrator. For more information about your licenses and their end dates, please reach out to your UiPath Account Manager.

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