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About Customer Portal

About Customer Portal

Customer Portal is a space for UiPath customers, where you can get key information, insights, and faster services about the UiPath Platform. Customer Portal is a self-service portal for organizations, that are using UiPath products, to access UiPath products or platform-related information, and interact with UiPath teams. It is designed to give you all the required support through a modern experience, and help accelerate your automation journey.

Here are the key benefits of Customer Portal.

Easier access to information and insights

You get easier access to information about the following:

  • UiPath contacts - the contact information of people inside the UiPath teams.
  • Licenses - information about UiPath licenses (date, end date, and quantity) that your organization owns, and information about products and services in the UiPath catalog.
  • Support tickets - information about tickets from the last six months and the possibility to raise tickets directly from Customer Portal.
  • Secure document sharing - secured space for each account, to share documents and videos with both your team and the UiPath contacts assigned to your organization.
  • Knowledge Base - product tutorials, onboarding guides, best practices, videos, and technical solution articles.

Faster Service

The Customer Portal offers faster services for the following:

  • Tech Support - 24/7 tech support including Premium Support case creation
  • Requests For Quote - product or service request for quote
  • Enterprise agreement licenses - the provisioning of enterprise agreement licenses for HAPO or ELA deals.

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About Customer Portal

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