UiPath Connectors

The UiPath Connectors Guide


UiPath Connectors use the Orchestrator APIs to enable the inbound automation from other apps to UiPath. They can trigger certain actions automatically, such as creating queue items and starting jobs, based on events within the apps. This eliminates the need to monitor robotic processes continually and allows the robots to react to changes in near real time.

How they work

When enabling the inbound automation from a separate environment to UiPath Orchestrator, the connector establishes an authenticated connection to one or more of your Orchestrator Tenants.

In certain scenarios, the connection will only be established after you enter your Orchestrator authentication details into the connector Connection Settings. The connector verifies the information and creates the connection.

Key Advantages

Some of the key advantages of our connectors are:

  • High availability - They provide seamless integration with Orchestrator.
  • High consistency - Triggering jobs with correct parameters.

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