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Last updated Jan 15, 2024



To successfully establish a connection and send requests from your Workato recipe to your UiPath Orchestrator instance, the Workato Add-in must provide authentication credentials and other connection details like the Tenant and Organization ID of your Orchestrator instance.

If you do not already have a Connection created from a previous recipe, you will be prompted to create one. See Connection for more information on this matter.


In this example we have configured our connection upfront:

  1. Start with an existing recipe, or follow the steps below to create a new recipe:
  2. Navigate to Worakto's new recipe page.
  3. Provide a name and folder for the recipe.
  4. Choose a starting point. As an example you can use Run on a schedule.

  5. Add an action to your recipe.
  6. Click on the Action in an app button.
  7. Choose UiPath Orchestrator if it appears in Your connected apps, or search for it using the search dialog.

You can now choose an Action to add to your recipe.

After you have chosen an Action, you need to configure the properties for that Action before the Connection can be run. For a list of available actions, see Workato Actions.

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