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The UiPath Automation Suite Guide

2021.10 Preview

Release date: 3 September 2021


With an ever-growing fleet of products in our arsenal, we at UiPath are continuously exploring new ways to pave a smooth path towards automation.

We are preoccupied with your struggles and want to diminish them. We know that installing, setting up, and maintaining a large assortment of products could sometimes feel laborious, so we put some thought into it and came up with an initiative meant to reduce the complexity of these tasks.

Curious how this idea materialized? Meet Automation Suite, a framework designed to offer a consistent, painless, and elegant experience when installing, upgrading, and managing your UiPath products.


Automation Suite in the spotlight

The philosophy behind Automation Suite is to provide an all-encompassing solution that would minimize the effort you invest in bothersome tasks so that you can instead focus on making the most out of our tools. To put it briefly, Automation Suite bets big on a consistent and predictable experience across all UiPath products.

But what exactly is Automation Suite, you may ask. It’s a Kubernetes-based framework that bundles most of our web products, software dependencies, common platform components, and Kubernetes infrastructure in a single installer. In a nutshell, it ensures that you have the entire UiPath suite at your fingertips.


When to expect it

We’re happy to announce that Automation Suite is just around the corner. We plan to ship it with our next Enterprise release, that is, v2021.10. But until then, we hope you will give Automation Suite a try while in preview stage.


A sneak peek at Automation Suite

Let’s dive into some of the goodies Automation Suite brings about.


Automation Suite is a containerized solution designed to encapsulate our entire line of web products. The only exceptions will be Process Mining and Data Service, which will not be shipped with Automation Suite v2021.10.

It’s created to implement our end-to-end hyperautomation platform strategy, which will guarantee an experience similar to the one in the cloud. Just think of the benefits of Automation Cloud made available to on-premises users.

Automation Suite will provide the same set of capabilities as in the cloud for user management/directory API, as well as for tenant and license management.

Easy installation, upgrade, and maintenance

Automation Suite establishes one single delivery and maintenance mechanism for multiple UiPath products. This approach will translate into simplified installation, upgrade, and maintenance endeavors. Troubleshooting will be equally undemanding.

It will put at your disposal the required dependencies and will ensure they are installed and running. Depending on the products your business requires, each service you opt for will need to bring their manifests, configurations, and dependencies in a specific format.

Automation Suite installers will cover both connected and air-gapped environments.

The setup and support for the infrastructure and the entire software stack will be our responsibility while Kubernetes management and support will be handled by our OEM partner, Rancher.

If you are wondering how the Automation Suite initiative will impact our .MSI installers, you can rest assured that we will continue to deliver them. However, they will continue to be standalone installers per product.

The .MSI installers will also play a role in the upgrade to Automation Suite. That is because, if you are an existing customer, you first need to upgrade to the latest .MSI version, and only then move to Automation Suite.


Automation Suite is a scalable solution that allows you to start small and then expand according to your business needs. Needless to say, it will be available in both a single-node and multi-node mode, and you can start with the respective setups based on your needs. We purposefully try to be mindful of your long-term strategies, regardless of their direction and magnitude, so no worries on this front.


To be continued

We hope Automation Suite has caught your eye. We’re working hard on the project, and we’ll keep you in the loop with the latest developments, so stay tuned.

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2021.10 Preview

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