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Deploy Policies at Tenant Level

  1. In Automation Cloud, navigate to Automation Ops from the left-side navigation bar.

  2. Select Governance > Deployments, and then select the Tenants tab.
    The tenants in the organization are displayed. You can click Refresh above the table on the page to update the list of tenants.

  3. Select the tenant for which to deploy policies.
    A list of license types available for the supported products is displayed. For each type of license, define policies for the products the license grants access to.

  4. Select a license type, and then, for each product in the Product column, select a policy from the dropdown in the Product Policy Column.

    • Attended - Select policies for Assistant and Robot.
    • RPA Developer - Select policies for Studio, StudioX, Assistant, and Robot.
    • Automation Developer - Select policies for Studio Pro, Studio, StudioX, Assistant, and Robot.
    • Citizen Developer - Select policies for StudioX, Assistant, and Robot.
    • Unattended Robot - Select policies for Robot.

    By default, the No Policy option is selected for each product (no governance policy is deployed).

  5. Click Save to apply the changes.


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Deploy Policies at Tenant Level

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