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Automation Cloud for Public Sector Admin Guide
Last updated 2024年4月17日

About Automation Cloud Public Sector

This page provides an overview into how Automation Cloud Public Sector caters to the needs of public sector organizations. It delves into aspects such as FedRAMP compliance, the security measures we employ, and the products shipped within the platform.


Automation Cloud for Public Sector is a cloud-based enterprise SaaS solution tailored to the specific requirements of public sector organizations in the United States. Our platform helps you manage all your automation work and resources in one place. It is designed to provide you with a frictionless startup experience, streamlined collaboration, effortless scalability, and instant access to new functionalities.

Public sector organizations have specific requirements that demand robust, secure, and compliant software solutions. These organizations handle vast amounts of sensitive data, from citizen records to financial transactions, making data security and privacy paramount.

UiPath Automation Cloud for Public Sector holds FedRAMP Moderate compliance, confirming our adherence to the rigorous security controls mandated by the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program.

Key benefits

  • Data encryption: To achieve FedRAMP compliance, we employ FIPS 140-2 validated encryption for data at rest and in transit, ensuring the highest level of data protection.

  • TLS protocol: Our software utilizes TLS 1.2 or higher to secure data transmissions, guaranteeing the confidentiality of your information during transit.

  • Integration assurance: Any third-party services integrated with our platform maintain an equivalent FedRAMP certification.

  • Access control: UiPath backend access is restricted to US permanent residents and citizens located within US soil, reinforcing data security.

  • Secure images: Our services utilize secure images for all components to eliminate vulnerabilities and bolster security.

Product offering

Automation Cloud for Public Sector consists of various products designed to automate processes, enhance collaboration, and drive operational efficiency:

  • Action Center:

    UiPath Action Center is a tool designed to help you manage and resolve exceptions, errors, or decisions that require human intervention in your automation workflows. It provides a central interface for handling these exceptions, allowing human workers to review, make decisions, and take actions as needed to ensure the successful completion of automated processes.

  • Automation Hub:

    UiPath Automation Hub is a collaborative process identification, automation pipeline management, and process repository tool. Its goal is to accelerate the adoption of RPA across your organization, by building an RPA Community of Interest.

  • Automation Ops:

    UiPath Automation Ops is a tool that enables you to manage and implement governance policies based on user profiles, and to manage the feeds available in your organization.

  • Data Service:

    UiPath Data Service is a persistent data storage service that brings no-code data modeling and storage capabilities to your automation projects.

  • AI Computer Vision:

    UiPath AI Computer Vision is a machine-learning based method used to visually identify all the UI elements on a computer screen and interact with them via UiPath Robots, simulating human interaction. It doesn't require or use the underlying properties of applications, but only the aspect and relationship of various screen elements.

  • Insights:

    UiPath Insights is a tool that serves as a platform for data modeling and analytics using a combination of available business metrics and operational insights into your automations and robot performance.

  • Orchestrator:

    UiPath Orchestrator is a tool for streamlining the deployment, monitoring, and governance of your automation processes and robots, giving you flexibility to schedule and trigger these processes as per your requirements. It also supports the management of transactional data, often used in automating business processes.

  • Test Manager:

    UiPath Test Manager is a test management tool for enterprise testing. It integrates into your ecosystem and adapts to your way of working, whether you use ServiceNow, SAP Solution Manager, Jira, Azure DevOps.

We are currently in the process of onboarding several other products. Stay tuned!

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