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Last updated 2023年5月23日


Mulesoft is a widely utilized integration platform, helping businesses connect their data, devices, and applications in both cloud computing environments and on-premise environments.

The UiPath Add-in for Mulesoft enables business users to find and run processes directly from their Mulesoft environment.

The add-in includes operations such as Get processes list, Get queue items list, Get jobs list, Get robots list, Add queue item, Start job, Get machine session, etc. It also provides a Custom Action operation which can be used to create your own HTTP request to Orchestrator.

Apart from the main operations, the add-in provides two sub operations, Get folders and Get releases, whose response can be used in some of the above mentioned operations.

Check the Setup guide for steps on how to install the add-in.

System Requirements

The Add-in requires Mule Runtime 4.3.0 or a newer version to function adequately.

  • System Requirements
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