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Layout components


You can use the Columns component to display other components in line, grouping them as columns.

When configuring the Size parameter, you have the option to select the desired screen width for displaying the columns using Bootstrap grid classes:

  • xs - phones (less than 768px)

  • sm - tablets (equal to or greater than 768px)

  • md - small laptops (equal to or greater than 992px)

  • lg - laptops and desktops (equal to or greater than 1200px)

  • xl - large monitors (equal to or greater than 1200px)

  • Column Properties - add columns to the component and configure them, by adjusting their Width, Offset, Push and Pull properties. After configuring the columns' layout, you can drag and drop other components into the Columns component.
  • Auto adjust columns - automatically adjusts columns, if there are hidden nested components.


You can use the Panel component to group components and add them inside a named panel.

  • Theme - choose the theme of the panel from the dropdown list. The Bootstrap class is added to the wrapper div.
  • Collapsible - allows you to collapse the panel.
  • Initially Collapsed - the property is available only when Collapsible is checked. Collapses the panel when the form has loaded.


You can use the Table component to create a table that holds other form components inside the columns and rows of the table.

  • Number of Rows / Columns - enter the number of rows or columns that you want to be displayed in the table.
  • Clone Row Components - clones the components inside rows and adds them in the remaining rows, too. You can use it when creating tables with multiple rows, that contain the same content.
  • Cell Alignment- choose the horizontal alignment of the cells in the table.
  • Striped - adds striped shading to rows.
  • Bordered - adds visible borders to the table.
  • Hover - highlights row when hovering the mouse over it.
  • Condensed - condenses the size of the table.


You can use the Tabs component to group components into tabs. When the form renders, you can view one tab at a time.

The Tabs setting allows you to add, configure, reorder, and remove tabs.

  • Columns
  • Panel
  • Table
  • Tabs

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