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Last updated 2024年2月23日

Combine text


The combine text activity allows you to combine two strings of text based on a default separator (new line, space, tab, comma, colon, semicolon) or one or more custom characters.

Project Compatibility

Windows | Cross-Platform


  • Text values - Collection of text values to be combined together. The fiels is the InArgument<IEnumerable<String>> type. It supports both expressions as well as a condition builder experience.
  • Separator - The separator to use for dividing the source text. You can choose a separator from the default values or add a custom string. The default separators are:
    • new line
    • space
    • tab
    • comma (,)
    • colon (:)
    • emicolon (;)
  • Preview - Preview of the output.

Properties Panel

  • Combined text - The text results from combining the input values, split by the selected separator.
  • Project Compatibility
  • Configuration
  • Properties Panel
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